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The City of Fernandina Beach has guidelines for removing trees in emergencies, including after a storm. With Hurricane Irma on the way, possibly this weekend, Community Planning Director Marshall McCrary shared a reminder of the rules.

Tree Removal Emergencies: What should you do?

The City of Fernandina Beach has guidelines for fallen trees after a storm: start with a photograph.

The City of Fernandina Beach has guidelines for fallen trees after a storm: start with a photograph.

Please photo document the tree prior to its removal then, submit an after-the-fact tree removal application. The tree removal application may be located at City Hall or www.fbfl.us/trees. If you have any questions, please call the City’s Planning Department at (904) 310-3135.

A property owner has the right to immediately remove any tree damaged by disease, fire, windstorm, lightning, or other acts of nature, which pose an imminent danger to life or property. There is no fee for emergency tree removals.

Important Facts:

• The City’s tree protection and permitting requirements only apply to trees that are 5” (five inches) or greater in diameter at breast height measured 4 ½ feet from the base of the tree. Smaller diameter trees can be removed without a permit.

• If a protected tree has been damaged but does not pose an immediate safety hazard, the property owner should document the damage showing the need to remove the tree and submit a Tree Removal Application to the City to get approval before the tree is removed. Again, there is no fee associated with the permit for this type of removal.

• Tree Removal Applications forms are available on the City’s website http://www.fbfl.us/trees or at the Community Development Department located at City Hall, 204 Ash Street. The counter is open M-F from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

• Property owners are cautioned to deal only with licensed contractors. The City cannot make any recommendations or referrals of a specific contractor. • The City suggests that the property owner obtain the cost of all work in writing before the work is started and the work statement clearly states the quantity of work that will be done, payment terms and how debris removal will be handled.