Putting Nassau County Florida news in the light.

Rayonier is seeking to use “Wildlight” as its postal designation, departing from Yulee as it seeks to establish a separate identity for its first planned community in a gigantic 24,000-acre development planned between SR 200/A1A and the state line over several decades.

Rayonier wants its own postal designation for the 'Wildlight' district.

Rayonier wants its own postal designation for the ‘Wildlight’ district.

Company officials through its land trust Raydient Place + Properties secured a unanimous ‘no objection’ vote, as required by federal authorities, from the County Commission at the meeting Monday.

Commission Chair Danny Leeper phrased the request this way: “Instead of saying you live in Yulee, Florida you could say you lived in Wildlight, Florida,” he said.

Commissioner Steve Kelley asked if the company was seeking its own post office. He was told no.

Commissioner Pat Edwards asked if the company owned all of the land within the designated area. He was told yes.

In paperwork filed with the agenda, Rayonier said the area is 3,537 acres and will contain approximately 3,300 residential houses and nearly seven million square feet of commercial and mixed use development.

“Wildlight is the identity for a community that will include upwards of 10,000 residents and various businesses, civic and institutional uses,” said the application.

“Wildlight Elementary School will begin the 2017/2018 school year with approximately 600 students and 150 faculty and staff. Rayonier’s corporate headquarters is complete and home for 150 employees.”

The school, named Wildlight at Rayonier’s request, opened last week one mile north of the state roadway off the Wildlight roadway with 70 employees, including instructors and staff, according to the principal. On Thursday, Rayonier’s corporate office (which is moving to Wildlight from Jacksonville) did not appear to have any workers at the building.

The board chair signed two approval letters, including one for the U.S. Board of Geological Names in Reston, Virginia and one for the Postal Service district manager in Jacksonville.