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What are you eating today?

For breakfast, Fernandina Beach resident Phil Scanlan chooses between a whey smoothie, cereal or eggs. At lunch, he may have chicken, turkey, or tuna. For dinner, lentil soup with ham or a burger may be on the menu.

Phil Scanlan

Phil Scanlan

Mr. Scanlan, who is known locally for his work on Amelia Island’s trail network, fills up on protein to improve his health. He has battled Stage IV colon cancer this year. The good news: he is now in remission.

Mr. Scanlan, 73, credits his diet, an hour of daily exercise – and medication – for his improved his health. He recently shared his story with the Cancer Hope Network, a support network for adults dealing with cancer. He agreed to let the Independent share the link.

“Sure,” he said by email Wednesday. “Perhaps it will help a person or two.”


Mr. Scanlan maintains a positive outlook on life and signs his emails with a quote from E.B. White, though he has tweaked it a bit to reflect his medical situation.

“I wake up each day determined to change the world and have a hell of a good time (and get better), which often makes the day a bit hectic.”

Mr. Scanlan is a veteran who served in Vietnam and in 2015 he shared a story about his experience.

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